Is Rev High Intensity like a  regular Gym?

No ! Nothing we do here is  like a regular gym. We believe that every client needs  special attention to their needs and that’s what we provide. On your first visit you will realize that you have the most advanced training programs. We also make sure you feel comfortable in a place that you belong with friends and family

I have never worked out or have not in a long time and/or I have injuries. Can I still work out at Rev High Intensity?

Yes ! We make sure that we provide effective and safe workout for everyone, we understand that each person is different. We will variate the workouts for those with injuries, less mobility and flexibility ! Everything is designed for specific for you !

How soon will I see results?

Your results depends on you ! Our main goal is to change our clients lifestyle. We want you to be on top of your training and nutrition.

What to wear? What to bring ?

Wear anything that makes you comfortable,/ Wear footwear with minimal ankle restriction and heel lift. You are welcome to bring water/sports drink and a sweat towel with you. We will provide the equipment.

How long are the workouts?

Workout are normally 1 hour. The time varies depending on the intensity of the workout. We always perform warm-up before any workout.

Is there nutrition involved?

Yes ! This is the most important aspect that will help you accomplish your goals. Poor nutrition will hold you back. Good nutrition will bring you forward.

What is the cost??

The price depends on the program, amount of sessions and length of contract. To find out what training package fits your needs please contact Rev High Intensity today.